Newfoundland Dog - Retriever - Adult - Female
Adoptable Large Mix Spayed/NeuteredCanine-inmate programUp-to-date with routine shotsHouse trainedPrefers No Dogs

This gorgeous girl is possibly a Newfoundland/Retriever mix. Her coat is a medium length, chocolate color with auburn throughout. She looks like she’s graying on her chin but she actually has the white markings on her feet and her hind tail feathers as well, so it’s simply part of her coloring. She is fairly calm and doesn’t need to be constantly entertained. She’s content on her own or just watching over things. Koko is not “reactive” when she sees other dogs but she has a personal space bubble that she doesn’t appreciate having invaded. For that reason we will place Koko as an only dog. She’s fine when she sees other pups on walks or outside or if she’s next to them at the vet’s office, but she’d really just rather not have them up in her business! She is great on a leash and rides well in the car. Koko is gentle and affectionate towards people. She will be a loving, loyal and steadfast companion. If you’d like to meet Koko, please fill out an online application.
Estimated birthdate: March 2015
Weight: 70 lbs
Good with cats: unknown
Good with kids: 10+ (due to her large size)
Housebroken: yes
**part of canine-inmate program**