Hound - Adult - Female
Adoptable Medium Mix Spayed/NeuteredCanine-inmate programUp-to-date with routine shotsHouse trained

Some dogs get overlooked because they aren’t fancy or they don’t have flashy colors. Black dogs are harder to place because they don’t photograph well or look “mean.” Brown dogs are hard to place because they are “plain” and old dogs are hard to place because they’re, well, old. But ALL of these types of dogs have so much to offer, they just need the chance to show it. Henna is gorgeous in her own right. She has deep soulful brown eyes and a very soft, reddish coat. She has the cutest, naturally short tail with a little bit of white fur at the end. We think she’s some mix of Redbone Coonhound mix which are known to be deeply loyal and are driven to please their owners. Henna is extremely affectionate and loves people. She is not noisy and has been good in her crate. She loves to sniff around outdoors and check out her surroundings. Henna is a truly lovely girl who will do well in an environment where she is given lots of love and adequate exercise. If you’d like to meet her, please fill out an online application.
Estimated birthdate: July 2016
Weight: 34 lbs
Good with kids: unknown
Good with cats: unknown
Housebroken: yes
** part of canine-inmate program**

Henna has been adopted!